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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Monitor and maintain process
  2. Control product quality
  3. Monitor and maintain plant
  4. Record and report product and process data

Performance Evidence

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must satisfy all of the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, and must be able to provide evidence that they can:

monitor and control pulping operations within a pulp and paper manufacturing facility, at least twice in line with required enterprise intervals, and with individual production requirements for each period

across operational periods, complete these types of routine maintenance on equipment

for each of the above operational periods, complete records for system operation, production outcomes and equipment faults.

Knowledge Evidence

A person competent in this unit must be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

system layout for pulping plant

purpose, features and operation of pulping plant, operating parameters and allowable variations

operation and application of electronic and other control systems

process stages and key control points for monitoring and controlling pulping operations

purpose of, and processes for sampling and testing product quality, plant and system operations

quality requirements for different types of pulped product including:

bleached or unbleached pulp

fluff pulp

crumbed pulp

baled, rolled or sheet pulp

slushed pulp

methods used to monitor pulping system operations against specified system parameters

effect of process adjustments on product quality and productivity during monitoring and operation

causes and effects of process variation between upstream and downstream customers

safe handling of materials and chemicals

calibration requirements for test equipment

organisational procedures:

standard operating procedures specific to pulping operations

workplace health and safety with particular emphasis on equipment lock out, use of personal protective equipment and handling hazardous substances

communication reporting lines

recording and reporting system operation, production outcomes, equipment faults and problems with environmental release.