Certificate IV in Agriculture

This qualification allows individuals to develop post-trade skills and knowledge to become specialists within the agriculture industry. It is designed to meet the needs of supervisors or team leaders in the agriculture industry.


Packaging Rules

Completion of twelve (12) units made up of one (1) core unit and eleven (11) elective units.


a minimum of four (4) units from elective group A

a minimum of five (5) units from elective groups A or B

a maximum of two (2) units from units aligned to Certificates III, IV or Diploma in AHC10 or from any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course. Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in agriculture.


Occupational health and safety

add topic AHCOHS401A Maintain Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) processes


Broadacre cropping

add topic AHCBAC401A Manage pastures for livestock production

add topic AHCBAC402A Plan a pasture establishment program

add topic AHCBAC403A Supervise agricultural crop establishment

add topic AHCBAC404A Plan and implement agricultural crop maintenance

add topic AHCBAC405A Supervise agricultural crop harvesting

add topic AHCBAC406A Maintain grain quality in storage

add topic AHCBAC407A Save, prepare and store agricultural seed


add topic AHCDRY401A Manage milking shed routines


add topic AHCLSK312A Coordinate artificial insemination and fertility management of livestock

add topic AHCLSK317A Plan to exhibit livestock

add topic AHCLSK401A Develop feeding plans for a production system

add topic AHCLSK402A Develop livestock feeding plans

add topic AHCLSK403A Escort livestock during export

add topic AHCLSK404A Implement and monitor animal welfare programs

add topic AHCLSK405A Implement intensive production systems

add topic AHCLSK406A Oversee animal marking operations

add topic AHCLSK407A Plan and monitor intensive production systems

add topic AHCLSK408A Pregnancy test animals

add topic AHCLSK409A Supervise animal health programs

add topic AHCLSK410A Supervise feedlot operations

add topic AHCLSK411A Supervise natural mating of livestock

add topic AHCLSK412A Arrange livestock purchases

add topic AHCLSK413A Design livestock handling facilities

add topic AHCLSK414A Arrange transport for farm produce or livestock

add topic AHCLSK415A Oversee alpaca farm activities

add topic AHCLSK416A Identify and select animals for breeding

add topic AHCLSK417A Manage horses for stock work

Pork production

add topic AHCPRK401A Implement a feeding strategy for pig production



add topic AHCAGB401A Implement and monitor a property improvement plan

add topic AHCAGB402A Analyse and interpret production data

add topic BSBRSK401A Identify risk and apply risk management processes

Artificial insemination

add topic AHCAIS401A Supervise artificial breeding and/or embryo transfer programs


add topic AHCBUS401A Administer finance, insurance and legal requirements

add topic AHCBUS402A Cost a project

add topic AHCBUS403A Support and review business structures and relationships

add topic AHCBUS404A Operate within a budget framework

add topic AHCBUS405A Participate in an e-business supply chain

add topic BSBFIA402A Report on financial activity

add topic BSBSMB405A Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances

add topic BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness

add topic BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff

add topic BSBINM401A Implement workplace information system

add topic BSBITU404A Produce complex desktop published documents

add topic BSBCMM401A Make a presentation


add topic AHCCHM401A Minimise risks in the use of chemicals

add topic AHCCHM402A Plan and implement a chemical use program

add topic AHCCHM403A Prepare safe operating procedures for calibration of equipment


add topic AHCDER401A Handle, store and grade deer velvet

add topic AHCDER501A Comply with deer industry national velvet accreditation requirements

add topic AHCDER502A Harvest deer velvet

Horse breeding

add topic AHCHBR305A Handle and care for stallions

add topic AHCHBR401A Carry out stud stable management duties

add topic AHCHBR402A Supervise raising young horses


add topic AHCIRG401A Acquire resources for irrigation installation and construction

add topic AHCIRG402A Determine hydraulic parameters for an irrigation system

add topic AHCIRG403A Determine seasonal irrigation scheduling tasks

add topic AHCIRG404A Implement an irrigation-related environmental protection program

add topic AHCIRG405A Plan and coordinate gravity-fed irrigation systems

add topic AHCIRG406A Plan on-site irrigation system installation and construction work

add topic AHCIRG407A Supervise on-site irrigation installation and construction work

Machinery operation and maintenance

add topic AHCMOM401A Conduct major repair and overhaul of machinery and equipment

add topic AHCMOM402A Supervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment

Merchandising and sales

add topic AHCMER401A Coordinate customer service and networking activities

add topic AHCMER402A Provide advice and sell machinery

add topic AHCMER403A Provide advice and sell farm chemicals

add topic AHCMER404A Provide advice on agronomic products

add topic AHCMER405A Provide advice on livestock products

add topic AHCMER406A Provide information on fertilisers and soil ameliorants

Milk harvesting

add topic AHCMKH401A Carry out cleaning-time tests of milking machines

add topic AHCMKH402A Design and fabricate milking equipment installations

add topic AHCMKH403A Design and install on-farm milk cooling and storage

add topic AHCMKH404A Install milking equipment

add topic AHCMKH405A Performance test milking machines

Organic production

add topic AHCORG401A Manage biodynamic production

add topic AHCORG402A Manage organic livestock production

add topic AHCORG403A Manage organic soil improvement

Pest management

add topic AHCPMG408A Assess and monitor weed, pest and/or disease control programs


add topic AHCPCM402A Develop a soil health and plant nutrition program


add topic AHCSHG401A Apply advanced shearing techniques

add topic AHCSHG402A Conduct equipment experting for machine shearing

add topic AHCSHG403A Account for shearing shed supplies

add topic AHCSHG404A Manage shearing and crutching operations

add topic AHCSHG405A Arrange employment for shearing operations

add topic AHCSHG406A Prepare shearing team wages

add topic AHCSHG407A Oversee and instruct shed staff

Soils and media

add topic AHCSOL401A Sample soils and interpret results

add topic AHCSOL402A Develop a soil use map for a property

add topic AHCSOL403A Prepare acid sulphate soil management plans

add topic AHCSOL404A Supervise acid sulphate soil remediation and management projects


add topic AHCWOL401A Determine wool classing strategies

add topic AHCWOL402A Use individual fleece measurements to prepare wool for sale

add topic AHCWOL404A Establish work routines and manage wool harvesting and preparation staff


add topic AHCWRK401A Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures

add topic AHCWRK402A Provide information on issues and policies

add topic AHCWRK403A Supervise work routines and staff performance

add topic PSPPM402B Manage simple projects

add topic MSL913002A Plan and conduct laboratory/field work

add topic SRXGRO002A Deal with conflict

add topic TAADEL301C Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills


    Qualification pathways

    Pathways into the qualification

    This qualification may be accessed by direct entry.

    Pathways from the qualification

    Further training pathways from this qualification include, but are not limited to, Diploma of Agriculture.

    Australian Apprenticeships

    This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship.

    Job roles

    Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

    Farm team leader

    Farm supervisor

    Shed supervisor

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills


Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Reading and interpreting workplace related documentation

Interpreting the needs of internal/external customers

Applying numeracy skills to workplace requirements


Working with diverse individuals and groups

Applying knowledge of own role as a part of a team

Applying teamwork skills to a range of situations


Developing practical and creative solutions to workplace problems

Showing interdependence and initiative in identifying problems

Applying a range of strategies in problem solving

Initiative and enterprise

Being creative in response to workplace challenges

Identifying opportunities that might not be obvious to others

Generating a range of options in response to workplace matters

Planning and organising

Collecting analysing and organising information

Being appropriately resourceful

Taking initiative and making decisions within workplace role


Monitoring and evaluating own performance

Taking responsibility at the appropriate level


Being open to learning, new ideas and techniques

Learning in a range of settings including informal learning

Contributing to the learning of others


Using technology and related workplace equipment

Using basic technology skills

Using technology to organise data

Applying OHS knowledge when using technology