Total number of units = 14

7 core units plus

7 elective units, of which:

a minimum of 4 units must be from Group A

of the remaining units:

up to 3 units may be from Group A and/or Group B

up to 2 units may be from an accredited course or any currently endorsed Training Package qualification at Certificate IV level

up to 1 unit may be from an accredited course or any currently endorsed Training Package qualification at Certificate III or Diploma level.

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.

Core units

add topic CUACHR403 Develop choreography skills

add topic CUADAN303 Develop dance partnering techniques

add topic CUADAN407 Develop expertise in dance performance technique

add topic CUAPRF404 Refine movement skills for performance

add topic CUAPRF405 Rehearse technique for performance

add topic CUAWHS401 Apply movement and behavioural principles to physical conditioning

add topic CUAPRP404 Develop self as artist

Elective units

Group A

add topic BSBCRT402 Collaborate in a creative process

add topic CUAACT401 Use a range of acting skills in performance

add topic CUACHR401 Create and perform dance pieces

add topic CUADAN402 Improvise advanced dance sequences

add topic CUADAN403 Develop expertise in jazz dance technique

add topic CUADAN404 Develop expertise in bodyweather and butoh dance technique

add topic CUADAN405 Develop expertise in street dance technique

add topic CUADAN406 Develop expertise in social dance technique

add topic CUADAN408 Develop expertise in ballet technique

add topic CUADAN409 Develop expertise in contemporary dance technique

add topic CUADAN410 Develop expertise in tap dance technique

add topic CUADAN411 Develop expertise in cultural dance technique

add topic CUADAN412 Develop dance techniques for musical theatre

add topic CUADLT401 Document dance

add topic CUADLT402 Explore the relationship between music and dance

add topic CUAIND401 Extend expertise in specialist creative fields

add topic CUAPRF402 Develop conceptual and expressive skills as a performer

add topic CUAPRF406 Use technique in performance

add topic CUAPRF407 Develop expertise in musical theatre techniques

add topic CUAPRF410 Develop on-camera performance skills

add topic CUARES401 Research dance concepts

add topic CUAWHS402 Participate in gym and weight training for performances

add topic CUAWHS403 Incorporate anatomy and nutrition principles into skill development

add topic CUAIND402 Provide freelance services

add topic CUAMPF402 Develop and maintain stagecraft skills

add topic CUARES403 Research history and theory to inform own arts practice

Group B

add topic BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas

add topic BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity

add topic CUACHR301 Develop basic dance composition skills

add topic CUACIR301 Perform basic on-ground acrobatic techniques

add topic CUADLT301 Develop basic dance analysis skills

add topic CUADTM401 Plan and organise dance classes

add topic CUADTM403 Apply safe dance teaching methods

add topic CUAMUP301 Prepare personal appearance for performances

add topic CUAPPM301 Assist with designing performance spaces

add topic CUAPRF304 Develop audition techniques

add topic CUASTA301 Assist with production operations for live performances

add topic CUAWHS301 Condition the body for dance performance

add topic CUAWHS404 Apply the Alexander technique in performance

add topic CUACMP301 Implement copyright arrangements

add topic CUADIG303 Produce and prepare photo images

add topic CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry

add topic CUAIND304 Plan a career in the creative arts industry

add topic CUAMLT301 Develop and apply aural perception skills

add topic CUAMLT303 Apply knowledge of music theory rudiments to notating music

add topic HLTAID003 Provide first aid

add topic TAEASS401B Plan assessment activities and processes

add topic TAEASS402B Assess competence

add topic TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs

Entry Requirements

An audition or other form of evidence where the candidate demonstrates competence in at least one dance style at Certificate III level.