Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance (Fire Safety Systems Inspection)

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To achieve recognition at Certificate IV level, the candidate for recognition must demonstrate competency in all 9 core units plus 3 elective units (total of 12 units).

Core units

add topic PRMFSSI01A

Communicate effectively with fire safety systems personnel

add topic PRMFSSI02A

Identify fire safety system inspection requirements

add topic PRMFSSI03A

Review pre-installation fire safety system documentation

add topic PRMFSSI04A

Assess fire safety system documentation for compliance

add topic PRMFSSI05A

Identify, locate and match installed fire safety system to documentation

add topic PRMFSSI06A

Follow on-site occupational health and safety requirements

add topic PRMFSSI07A

Validate commissioning test data against performance documentation

add topic PRMFSSI08A

Validate installation, testing and maintenance of fire safety systems

add topic PRMFSSI09A

Negotiate and resolve issues regarding non-compliance of fire safety systems

Choose a minimum of 2 elective units from those listed in the table below and 1 elective unit from any endorsed Training Package qualification aligned at the Certificate IV level.

Elective units

add topic BSBFIA402A

Report on financial activity

add topic BSBITS401A

Maintain business technology

add topic BSBMKG507A

Interpret market trends and developments

add topic BSBSMB401A

Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

add topic BSBSMB402A

Plan small business finances

add topic BSBSMB403A

Market the small business

add topic BSBSMB404A

Undertake small business planning

add topic BSBSMB405A

Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406A

Manage small business finances

add topic PUAFIR314A

Utilise installed fire safety systems

add topic PUAFIR404A

Inspect dangerous goods facilities

add topic PUAFIR405A

Collect, analyse and provide regulatory information

add topic PUAPOL016A

Manage risk

add topic TAAASS401C

Plan and organise assessment

add topic TAAASS402C

Assess competence

add topic TAAASS404B

Participate in assessment validation

add topic TAADEL301C

Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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