Certificate IV in School Support Services

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required by staff working at an experienced level providing school support services in non-government schools. It is not targeted at teacher aid occupations. Electives may be taken from a single stream, such as administration or library support, or from a range of streams to suit the particular workplace. Electives should reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance. Where a free choice of electives is possible in the qualification packaging rules, electives may also be drawn from other Training Packages to reflect the work context and career plans of the individual


15 units of competency are required for this qualification including:

6 core units

9 elective units

Choose 9 elective units from the list below:

1 unit from Group A;

6 units from groups C to G;

2 units from the list below, or from elsewhere within this Training Package, or from another endorsed Training Package, or Accredited Course.

Units selected should not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

All elective units must be selected from an equivalent qualification level or higher, unless otherwise stated.

** For this qualification, a maximum of 1 unit from Certificate III level may be used.

Core units

add topic PSPGOV402B

Deliver and monitor service to clients

add topic PSPGOV403B

Use resources to achieve work unit goals

add topic PSPGOV408A

Value diversity

add topic PSPGOV412A

Use advanced workplace communication strategies

add topic CHCADMIN305D

Work within the administration protocols of the organisation

add topic CHCLEG411A

Use relevant legislation in response to client needs

Elective Units

Group A: OHS

add topic MSL943002A

Participate in laboratory/field workplace safety

add topic PSPOHS301A

Contribute to workplace safety

add topic PSPOHS401B

Implement workplace safety procedures and programs (supervisory staff)

Group B: General

add topic PSPGOV404B

Develop and implement work unit plans

add topic PSPGOV405B

Provide input to change processes

add topic PSPGOV406B

Gather and analyse information

add topic PSPGOV410A

Undertake career planning

add topic PSPGOV411A

Deal with conflict

add topic PSPGOV413A

Compose complex workplace documents

add topic PSPGOV414A

Provide workplace mentoring

add topic PSPGOV415A

Provide workplace coaching

add topic PSPGOV416A

Monitor performance and provide feedback

add topic PSPGOV417A

Identify and treat risks

add topic PSPGOV418A

Develop internal and external networks

add topic PSPGOV419A

Work with interpreters

add topic PSPGOV420A

Use translation services

add topic PSPGOV507A

Undertake negotiations

add topic PSPGOV508A

Manage conflict

add topic PSPPOL404A

Support policy implementation

Group C: Administration

add topic BSBADM405B

Organise meetings

add topic BSBFIA401A

Prepare financial reports

add topic BSBFIA402A

Report on financial activity

add topic BSBINM401A

Implement workplace information system

add topic BSBITA401A

Design databases

add topic BSBITS401A

Maintain business technology

add topic BSBITU402A

Develop and use complex spreadsheets

add topic BSBITU404A

Produce complex desktop published documents

add topic BSBMKG413A

Promote products and services

add topic BSBRES401A

Analyse and present research information

add topic BSBRKG402B

Provide information from and about records

add topic BSBRKG403B

Set up a business or records system for a small office

add topic BSBSMB404A

Undertake small business planning

add topic BSBSMB406A

Manage small business finances

add topic FNSICGEN501B

Produce research reports and make presentations

add topic FNSICORG519A

Analyse and comment on management reports

add topic PSPFIN401A

Use public sector financial processes

add topic PSPPROC406B

Procure goods and services

Group D: Human Resource Management

add topic BSBHRM401A

Review human resources functions

add topic BSBHRM402A

Recruit, select and induct staff

add topic BSBHRM501A

Manage human resources services

add topic BSBINN301A

Promote innovation in a team environment

add topic BSBLED401A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBMGT402A

Implement operational plan

add topic BSBSMB407A

Manage a small team

add topic BSBWOR401A

Establish effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBWOR402A

Promote team effectiveness

add topic BSBWOR404B

Develop work priorities

add topic PSPHR402A

Administer human resource processes

add topic PSPHR403A

Provide a consultancy service for human resource management

Group E: Library Support

add topic CULINM401A

Complete a range of cataloguing activities

add topic CULINS202A

Process information resource orders

add topic CULINS401A

Assist customers to access information

add topic CULINS402A

Obtain information from external and networked sources

Group F: Scientific Assistance

add topic MSL904001A

Perform standard calibrations

add topic MSL924002A

Use laboratory application software

add topic MSL934002A

Apply quality system and continuous improvement processes

add topic MSL934003A

Maintain and control stocks

add topic MSL974001A

Prepare, standardise and use solutions

add topic MSL974003A

Perform chemical tests and procedures

add topic MSL974005A

Perform physical tests

Group G: Technology

add topic ICADBS402A

Complete database backup and restore

add topic ICADBS404A

Identify and resolve common database performance problems

add topic ICADBS409A

Monitor and administer a database

add topic ICAICT302A

Install and optimise operating system software

add topic ICAICT304A

Implement system software changes

add topic ICASAS301A

Run standard diagnostic tests

add topic ICASAS304A

Provide basic system administration

add topic ICASAS305A

Provide IT advice to clients

add topic ICASAS416A

Implement maintenance procedures

add topic ICASAS420A

Provide first-level remote help-desk support

add topic ICAWEB404A

Maintain website performance

add topic ICPMM321C

Capture a digital image


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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